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Citicoline CDP Choline Capsules

Jarrow Germany GmbH

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JARROW Citicoline CDP Choline Capsules

supplement with 250 mg Citicoline

cytidine-5'-diphosphocholine, gelatin (capsule shell), release agent magnesium salts of fatty acids (vegetable), filler cellulose, release agent silicon dioxide.

citicoline benefits:

Citicoline can provide additional choline for daily needs and potentially additional enhancements. “Benefits of citicoline include boosting cell membrane functioning, cognitive support with mild age related memory challenges, mental energy and focus as well as supporting eye health in structure and function.”

Recommended JARROW Citicoline CDP Choline Capsules dosage
for adults:

Consume 1 capsule twice a day with sufficient liquid.

Jarrow ® Citicoline CDP Choline is not intended for consumption by children.

Shelf life and storage information
The minimum use-by date is printed on the label of the can.

Store at room temperature and dry. Keep out of reach of small children.

pack size JARROW Citicoline CDP Choline Capsules and content

Jarrow Citicoline ® Capsules are available in sealed boxes of 60 and 120 capsules. They are manufactured in the USA on behalf of Jarrow Deutschland GmbH.

What is special about CDP Choline?
CDP choline is a linkage of the base cytosine with choline. This compound is water soluble and has a bioavailability of over 90%. CDP Choline can pass through the blood-brain barrier in the form of choline and cytidine and thus optimally develop its effect in all cells of the body.

How is citicoline absorbed by the body and what are its physiological effects?
Citicoline is rapidly and extensively absorbed by the body. Immediately after being absorbed into the bloodstream, it is broken down into choline and cytidine.

Resynthesis to CDP-choline then takes place in the brain. Cytidine is further converted by the body into the nucleic acid uridine. Choline, cytidine and uridine are also made by the body itself. Choline plays a special role in the synthesis of acetylcholine and in the formation of phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine). Acetylcholine is an important messenger substance in the brain that plays a central role in learning processes and memory. Phospholipids are important components of cell membranes. Their mobility (membrane fluidity) is an essential prerequisite for the enzymes, transport molecules and receptors active in the membrane. The nervous system in particular is rich in phospholipids. Also, uridine increases the synthesis of phospholipids in the brain.

How much pure choline is consumed?
Ingesting one capsule of Jarrow Citicoline provides the body with approximately 50 mg of additional choline. This corresponds to the amount of choline contained in 50 g of meat or fish. With the recommended consumption of 2 capsules per day, at least 100 g of meat or fish per day would have to be consumed in order to achieve an effect similar to that of pure choline.

What health claims for choline are accepted?
• contributes to maintaining normal liver function
• contributes to normal lipid metabolism
• contributes to normal homocysteine ​​metabolism

What can you do for your mental performance?
The basic requirement for optimal brain performance is a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This primarily includes a varied diet with sufficient natural foods together with an adequate intake of liquids. Physical activity not only keeps the body going, but also stimulates blood flow to the brain and thus contributes to an improvement in brain performance. A daily, short "healthy march" is also important for emotional balance.

Dietary supplements JARROW Citicoline CDP Choline Capsules are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


JARROW Citicoline CDP Choline Capsules dietary supplements. The recommended daily consumption must not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements JARROW Citicoline CDP Choline Capsules are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!