CITROBIOTIC solution, citrobiotic review


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CitroBiotic ® - grapefruit seed extract in certified organic quality, citrobiotic review
Food supplement based on grapefruit

seed extract Ingredients: glycerin-containing extract from organic grapefruit peel * and seeds (Citrus paradisi) * (83%), water, antioxidant: ascorbic acid * Only grapefruits from certified organic cultivation are used for production used (DE-ÖKO-039)

Consumption recommendation: 3 x 15 drops (15 drops = 0.75 ml) daily in water or juice and drink.

CitroBiotic ® is a high-quality dietary supplement "Made in Germany" with the extract from the pips and peel of grapefruit. In CitroBiotic ®there are among other things the valuable natural bioflavonoids. Only organic grapefruits from certified organic cultivation are used for production. The valuable plant ingredients are gently extracted from their kernels and shells using vegetable glycerine.

The product CITROBIOTIC solution, citrobiotic review advantages:

• Certified organic quality.
• A formulation that has been tried and tested over many years.
• We use vegetable, palm oil-free glycerine for the extraction.
• Of course without alcohol.
• Naturally free from benzethonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, triclosan and pesticide residues.
• Safety & quality "Made in Germany".
• Subject to constant quality control

CitroBiotic ®- What is that? CITROBIOTIC solution, citrobiotic review
CitroBiotic ® is a high-quality dietary supplement "Made in Germany" with the extract from the pips and peel of grapefruit. The valuable natural bioflavonoids are found in CitroBiotic ® . Only organic grapefruits from certified organic cultivation are used for the production.

Grapefruit & Well-being
The general well-being-promoting properties of grapefruit are well known, because everyone probably thinks first of the slightly bitter-tasting pulp, which can be processed into a refreshing and valuable juice. The extract from the pips and pits of this exotic fruit is more of a case for the “initiated”.

The grapefruit: a real power fruit
The positive properties of grapefruit are well known because of their vitamin C content. On the other hand, the secondary plant substances also contained in grapefruit, which are also called bioflavonoids, are relatively unknown. These phytonutrients cannot be assigned to any of the classic nutrient groups (such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins or minerals), but have recently attracted increasing scientific interest. Chemically speaking, flavonoids are glycosides. They are relatively large plant molecules that mainly occur in parts of plants above ground. Bioflavonoids are particularly found in the kernels and peels of fruit and vegetables, i.e. in the components that we usually remove.

Everything under control: from the orchard to the end product
Over the past few years, the quality and number of approved plantations has increased so that sufficient organic fruit is available for production. For the production of CitroBiotic ®We only purchase organic grapefruits from appropriately certified growers. The fruits come mainly from southern Europe, depending on seasonal availability. Immediately after delivery in Germany and successful quality control, the grapefruits are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for further processing and extraction. Using various thermo-physical processes, the valuable secondary plant substances are gently extracted in a multi-stage extraction process - of course under clean room conditions and in compliance with the strictest hygienic requirements and constant quality controls. One can ask oneself why this immense effort is made, because occasionally it is recommended in "housewife magazines", simply dry and chop grapefruit seeds yourself. The results are questionable, however, because the simple squeezing action only destroys the coarse structures of the cores. You can get an alternative with CitroBiotic® .

What is meant by "controlled organic cultivation"?
In 2009 a new regulation on organic farming came into force. The control system is an essential part of the EC organic regulation. All producing, processing, trading and animal feed manufacturing companies are inspected at least once a year. In addition, additional unannounced checks are carried out. Sanitas is certified by the “Society for Resource Protection” in Göttingen. The sanitas control number is: DE-ÖKO-039.

Safety & Quality "Made in Germany"
The production of CitroBiotic ®takes place in Germany in compliance with the strictest pharmaceutical and hygienic requirements. The consistently high quality is guaranteed by constant analyzes and regular quality controls. CitroBiotic ® grapefruit seed extract meets the high requirements of the organic regulation. We guarantee that CitroBiotic ® contains neither preservatives nor chemical additives (such as benzethonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, triclosan) or pesticide residues. We will be happy to send you corresponding analyzes by an independent German laboratory on request.

Did you know … ?
In 1980 the American scientist Dr. Harich stumbled across the diverse properties of grapefruit seeds and peels by chance - quite banal in his garden: they only rotated very slowly on his compost heap. “Why is that so?” The doctor could not get rid of this question, and in numerous series of tests he finally succeeded in producing an extract. That was the hour of birth of the so-called grapefruit seed extract, which is often referred to as GKE or GSE (grapefruit seed extract) for short.

High-quality GKE is no longer imported from the USA, but manufactured by us directly in Germany in compliance with the strictest pharmaceutical and hygienic requirements.

Food supplements. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!