Class A Collagen Daytime Intensive Moisturizing Cream 50ml

Noble Health

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  • Class A Collagen moisturizing lotion Noble Health is a cosmetics ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin. The cream formula contains a specialized oxygenation complex, high-grade marine fish collagen and grape stem cells.

Class A Collagen Day Cream Intensive Moisturizing is an innovative cosmetics for daily skin care requires a deep hydration, oxygenation and help in the fight against aging. The modern formula of cream contains a complex of specialized oxygenating, marine fish collagen, panthenol and grape stem cells, which are like a shield antioxidant to our skin. After each application of the cream, the skin is thoroughly hydrated and nourished - resulting in a healthier and more radiant. Regular use of Class A Collagen cream will not only rejuvenate your skin, but also strengthen the lipid barrier of the skin and develop resistance to harmful external factors. The cream does not contain parabens, dyes, paraffin oil. It has skin-neutral pH. 

How to use:
Apply morning cream to cleansed face and neckline. Cosmetic should be rubbed into the skin with circular movements. Apply the cosmetic with fingertips from the center of the face to the outside in the opposite direction to the action of gravity.