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CLASS A Collagen Noble Health 2 x 90 tablets (duopack)

Noble Health

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  • set of two packages (2 x 90 tablets) excellent dietary supplement supporting the functioning of the skin which comprises inter aliacollagen and the composition of vitamins and minerals - A Class Noble Health Collagen. When buying DuoPacku shipping free!

Substance anti - microcrystalline cellulose, collagen from the skins of sea fish, powdered protein from soybeans, potato starch, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), a mixture of mineral zinc oxide (zinc), sodium selenite VI (selenium); grape seed extract - Vitis vinifera L., anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, bulking - hydroxypropylcellulose, anti-caking agent - silicon dioxide, ethyl DL-alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E), D-biotin (biotin).

The content of the ingredients in the recommended daily dose (4 tablets): Vitamin E - 12mg (100% RDA), Vitamin C - 80mg (100% RDA), biotin - 25mcg (50% RDA), zinc - 10mg (100% RDA), selenium - 55mcg (100% RDA), grape seed extract - 40mg, including proanthocyanidins - 38mg, fish collagen - 800mg, hyaluronic acid - 30mg.
RDA - recommended daily intake.

Beautiful skin, strong nails and hair is the dream of every woman. The company Noble Health has developed a dietary supplement - Class A Collagen contains ingredients that help to take care of both of your skin, and how its products. Fish collagen has a preventive effect against skin aging. Improves its resilience and flexibility. Hyaluronic acid also helps to retard the aging process of the skin, is further operative highly moisturizing and smoothing. It helps to soothe irritation and accelerate the healing of wounds, thanks to him, the skin is deeply moisturized and radiant. Grape seed extract is a valuable source of polyphenols, which exhibit anti-aging. Protect cells against the harmful effects of free radicals, as well as a positive effect on the microcirculation of the skin and the condition of blood vessels. The combination of vitamin C and vitamin E is responsible for improving the resilience and elasticity. They exhibit antioxidant, prevent damaging lipid layer of the epidermis. In addition, Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen. The content of biotin, zinc and selenium in the composition of the product supports not only the condition of the skin, but most of all, hair and nails.

Dietary Supplement Health Noble Class A Collagen intended to be used as an everyday dietary supplement substances necessary for the proper functioning of the skin and maintain the good condition of the hair and nails.

Additional information:
Contains ingredients of fish and soy. Free from genetically modified ingredients. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the tablet.

The recommended daily dose: 4 tablets. Take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

Net weight: 2 x 61,2g.