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Classic medical thermometer x 1 piece, body thermometer


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  • Do not trust modern, non-contact thermometers? In terms of measuring body temperature, are you putting on traditional equipment? Hydromassage classic Hydrex thermometer is something for you. It is characterized by accurate measurement and safety of use.

Precise temperature measurement, safety for both health and the environment are features of the classic Medical Thermometer. This is a mercury-free glass thermometer whose liquid is a liquid metal alloy (gal, tin, zinc, ind). Unlike mercury, it is environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic. The product is equipped with a magnifying glass case that facilitates reading temperature.

The classic thermometer is recommended for accurate body temperature measurement.

Measuring range: 35.5-42st. C; accuracy: 0,1st. C; Measurement time: 8 minutes.

Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature.

How to use:
Children should always be measured in the presence of an adult.