Clay MASK WHITE 200g


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  • CLAY MASK WHITE has a beneficial effect on skin condition. Thanks to the content of many minerals, it has astringent and nutritive properties. It accelerates the healing of the epidermis and visibly smoothes.


BIAŁA CLAIM MASK is a completely natural product. It is characterized by a unique structure and the content of numerous micronutrients and mineral salts. Thanks to this, it has a number of beneficial properties. It has astringent and healing properties. It definitely nourishes and smoothes the skin. It is also a source of silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and sodium. WHITE CLAY MASK can be used externally and orally.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use the mask as part of the care of dry, delicate, sensitive or tired skin with wrinkles. It is also indicated by the manufacturer for oral use.

Directions for use:
Use externally. To prepare the mask for the face and neck, use: 2 flat teaspoons of clay mixed with mineral water, still or oligocene (so as to obtain the consistency of thick cream). The mask can be enriched with a few drops of olive oil, strengthening serum, cucumber or tomato juice or herbal infusion. Put the prepared mask on the skin, and after 20 minutes, wash with warm water or tonic.
For oral use: 1 teaspoon of clay mixed with a glass of mineral water or boiled. Set aside for the night. In the morning on an empty stomach, drink only the clay water - throw the rest away. After 7 days of such treatment, change the system. Before drinking the solution thoroughly mix and drink the entire contents of the glass. It is usually recommended to use the product for 21 days with a 7-day break x 3; or without a break. Do not take fat within 1 hour after drinking the clay.