Clean water, DR. PANDALIS Kremo 058 cleaning water

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Clean water, DR. PANDALIS Kremo 058 cleaning water

pack size:200ml Dosage form:liquid


Clean water, Kremo 058 ® cleaning

water natural cosmetics

Shake the bottle before use! Store in the fridge after opening.

For general body cleaning:
Apply undiluted KREMO 058 cleansing water generously to the area to be cleaned using a lint-free cotton swab. Do not wash off, just let it air dry. Use undiluted for partial and full baths or diluted 1:1 with boiled water.

For oral care:
Rinse and gargle vigorously several times a day with a large sip of the undiluted solution for about 1 minute. The solution can then be spat out or swallowed without hesitation.

For cleaning and care of the airways:
Put the liquid diluted 1:1 with physiological saline solution in a nebulizer and breathe in the mist through your mouth and nose for 5 - 10 minutes.

KREMO 058 cleansing water cleans and cares for your skin and makes it resistant to external irritants. It supports its natural protective function and helps damaged and stressed skin to regenerate. Also suitable for use on mucous membranes (e.g. in the oral cavity or for sitz baths) and for washing the whole body (e.g. when confined to bed), partial and full baths (e.g. when caring for babies).

Aqua, Origanum spec. Extract*, Ribes nigrum spec. Leaf Extract*,
* from controlled organic cultivation

Purely vegetable, without alcohol, without perfume, without synthetic ingredients.