Clearblue Pregnancy test quick detection x 1 piece


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  • Pregnancy Test Quick Detection Clearblue is a reliable way to detect pregnancy hormone hCG in urine. The characteristic feature of the product is a convenient method of use and high accuracy and reliability of the obtained result.

Simple to use Pregnancy test Quick Detection Clearblue with 99% accuracy detects in the urine pregnancy hormone hCG from the day of the expected menstruation (the sensitivity of the test is at the level of 25mlU / ml, i.e. already detects trace amounts of chorionic gonadotropin). The test has an ergonomic shape and a practical, curved, longer handle that provides a hygienic way of making it. In addition, the wider tip facilitates proper sampling of the urine, and confirmation of the correct sampling is the color change of the tip from white to pink. The great advantage of the test is its speed, the result is shown after a minute, and the +/- symbols are easy to read.

Clearblue Pregnancy test quick detection recommended for use as a simple and quick way to confirm pregnancy.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Hold down the tip of the test in the urine stream or in a clean container with urine for 5 seconds, during which time the color of the tip will begin to change to pink. While waiting for the result, the test should still be tipped down or flat. Wait for 3 minutes, the result should be read only when a blue line appears in the control window, indicating that the test has worked. A positive result may appear after just one minute (if it is carried out from the day of late menstruation). If the test is performed before the day of missing menstrual period or negative result, it is suggested to wait for 3 minutes. The lack of a blue line in the control window after 10 minutes means that the test did not work. A positive result means pregnancy,