Clearblue Pregnancy test with weekly pregnancy indicator x 1 piece


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  • is a unique test that will not only determine if you are pregnant, but also indicate when you could get pregnant. Pregnancy test with Clearblue pregnancy week indicator is characterized by high sensitivity and accuracy of 99%.

Action: The
product is recommended for women who, when performing a pregnancy test, also want to receive information when they were conceived. Such expectations are met by a digital Pregnancy Test with Clearblue weekly pregnancy indicator. First, it detects the pregnancy or its lack. Secondly, in the case of pregnancy, it indicates the weeks that have elapsed since fertilization (1-2, 2-3, 3+). The product has a high quality digital display, which guarantees the unambiguity and accuracy of the result, so that its reading does not cause any problems and is not in doubt. The test is very sensitive, and therefore also reliable, and its accuracy is 99% in the detection of pregnancy from the first day of the expected menstruation. In addition, it is easy and hygienic to use.

Clearblue Pregnancy test with weekly pregnancy indicator recommended for self-examination in order to detect pregnancy and determine the time of conception.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

The test should be performed using the first morning urine if it is done before the day of the expected menstruation. By doing the test later, you can do it any time of the day. It is recommended to avoid drinking excessive amounts of fluids before performing the test. The test should be started immediately after removing it from the foil package and after removing the cap. Put the tip of the test with the probe downwards and put in a stream of urine for 5 seconds (so as not to wet the parts without the probe) or put in a clean container with urine for 20 seconds. Hold the test with the tip facing down or lay it flat. While waiting for the result in the window, the hourglass symbol will appear, the result should be displayed within 3 minutes. The "-" sign means no pregnancy, while the "+" sign and the accompanying numbers, eg 1-2, means that you are pregnant,