CLIMAGYN x 90 capsules alleviate symptoms associated with menopause

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  • The unique two-phase preparation formula Climagyn helps to alleviate symptoms associated with menopause.

Climagyn "DAY": a standardized extract from the seeds of soybean (Glycine max) - 175 mg, vitamin B6 - 2 mg, vitamin B12 - 1 mg, folic acid 200 micrograms.
Climagyn "NIGHT": extract of hops (Humulus lupulus) - 20 mg
extract of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) - 150 mg, vitamin B6 - 1 mg
magnesium (based on mg +2 ions) - 150 mg.

The unique two-phase preparation formula helps relieve symptoms associated with menopause. Climagyn "DAY": Complete daily diet pochądzące of soy isoflavones - valuable ingredients that help relieve symptoms associated with menopause, maintain proper cholesterol levels and normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. In addition, vitamin B6 and B12 and folic acid is also beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. Climagyn "NIGHT": Contains an extract of lemon balm and hops and a magnet and vitamin B6. Lemon balm and hops are a natural sedative, relaxing and facilitate sleep. Magnesium but will affect the proper functioning of the nervous system, calms and tones. Vitamin B6 increases absorption of magnesium. The product perfectly complements the deficiency of magnesium in the body.

1 capsule in the morning pink, blue 2 capsules an hour before bedtime.