ClinSin med set for nasal rinsing and sinus irrigator + 16 sachets


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  • This is the ClinSin Med nasal and sinus rinsing kit, which includes an irrigator and 16 sachets with sodium chloride for solution. Nasal and nasal irrigation can be performed as an aid to the treatment of rhinitis or sinusitis.

ClinSin med set for nasal rinsing and sinus irrigator Includes:
Irrigator, sachets containing 2.16g of sodium chloride to prepare a solution: 16 pieces.

ClinSin med set for nasal rinsing and sinus irrigator Action:
Sachets that are included in the kit contain sodium chloride. Both isotonic and hypertonic solutions can be prepared. The isotonic solution helps clean the nasal cavity from the accumulated secretion there, also removes allergens, bacteria and viruses. In addition, it moisturises the mucosa. The hypertonic solution also effectively cleans, but at the same time has an osmotic effect, i.e. reducing the swelling of the mucous membrane. The ClinSin Med nasal and sinus rinsing kit can be used to maintain proper nasal and sinus hygiene as well as to help in the treatment of, for example, infection.

ClinSin med set for nasal rinsing and sinus irrigator Application:
Medical device ClinSin Med set for nasal and sinus irrigation designed for use in the following cases: sinusitis (chronic, acute), bacterial infections of the nasal mucous membrane, allergic rhinitis and in the case of drying of the nasal mucosa or excess mucus deposited in the upper roads respiratory tract, as well as to clean the nasal cavity in people who are in rooms with high dust. The product can be used in preparation for and after ENT procedures. The set is intended for adults and adolescents over 12 years of age.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. To prepare the solution, do not use unboiled tap water as well as hot water.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the product. Do not use with complete blockage of the nose and ear infection. Do not use if the nasal septum is not positioned correctly. Medical consultation requires the use of the product after ear surgery.

To be used as intended, please read the instruction manual before use. Preparation of the solution: pour the contents of one sachet (isotonic solution) or two sachets (hypertonic solution) into the irrigator, pour warm water (up to 240ml), close, close the hole with your finger and shake it vigorously until the solution is clear. Rinsing: stand above the basin, put the irrigator tip to the nasal cavity. Breathing freely through the mouth, squeeze the bottle and release half of the solution into the nostril. During the procedure, the second nasal cavity can not be blocked because the outgoing water and residual discharge must have an outlet. Do the same with the second nasal opening. Do not swallow the solution. After rinsing, blow out the nose to clean it. Unused solution should be discarded, and wash the irrigator. It is necessary to prepare a fresh solution for each rinse.