Clotidal vaginal cream 35g + 6 applicators

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Clotidal vaginal cream 35g + 6 applicators

  • The medicinal product Clotidal vaginal cream is a preparation with antifungal activity. The active substance contained in it - clotrimazole has a broad spectrum of antifungal activity. Six practical applicators are included in the package.

Composition of Clotidal vaginal cream:

Active substance: clotrimazole (Clotrimazolum). 1g vaginal cream contains 10mg clotrymazole and the other ingredients: cetyl palmitate, octyl dodecanol, polysorbate 60, sorbitan stearate, benzyl alcohol, cetostearyl alcohol, purified water.

Operation of Clotidal vaginal cream:

The drug contains an active substance with a broad spectrum of antifungal activity - clotrimazole. Clotidal vaginal cream is indicated for use in the case of fungal genital mucositis. In addition, the drug can also be used in men for the infection of the penile ache caused by the yeast.


The medicinal product Clotidal vaginal cream indicated for use in the treatment of fungal genital mucositis, which was caused by yeasts (vulvovaginitis, vaginitis) and in the treatment of candidiasis of the penis (Candida). For use over 16 years of age.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. The use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation should consult a doctor, if the therapy is started, breast-feeding should be discontinued. During pregnancy, it is recommended to use the drug in the form of vaginal tablets. After first opening, it should be used within 6 months. Do not use treatment during menstruation. Do not use vaginal irrigation, tampons, spermicides or other vaginal agents during treatment. The drug can reduce the effectiveness of vaginal and latex condoms. In case of vaginal infection, it is recommended to give up sexual activity. The cetostearyl alcohol contained in the drug may cause local skin reactions.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. Do not use below 16 years of age.

Side effects: Side effects
may occur with some people while taking the medicine. Immune system disorders: allergic reactions. Gastrointestinal disorders: abdominal pain. Reproductive system and breast disorders: flaking of the genital region, pruritus, rash, swelling, erythema, discomfort, burning, irritation, pelvic pain, genital haemorrhage.

Dosage of Clotidal vaginal cream:

Use as directed by your doctor or follow the instructions on the leaflet. Vaginal yeast: use once a day (before bedtime) for six consecutive days. Wash your hands before use. Fill the applicator with cream from the tube. Put the applicator into the vagina, put as deeply as possible (the procedure is recommended to perform in a lying position with slightly bent legs). Push the plunger in, completely empty the applicator. Remove the used applicator, wash your hands. Infection of penile acorns: apply a thin layer of cream to affected lesions, rubbing gently. Apply 2-3 times a day. Time of treatment: usually 1-2 weeks. If you do not improve or get worse after three days of using the medicine, please consult your doctor.