CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream

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CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream

Active ingredient: Clotrimazole.

Pack size:20 Dosage form:Vaginal cream

It is used for discharge caused by fungi (mostly Candida), inflammation of the vagina due to fungi, superinfections with clotrimazole-sensitive bacteria. Contains cetostearyl alcohol.

For clotrimazole cream information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream Good choice for fungal infections of the vagina • Discharge caused by fungi (mostly Candida) • Inflammation of the vagina due to fungi • Super-infections with clotrimazole-sensitive bacteria Widespread but still a taboo subject

Hardly anyone speaks about it - but almost every woman knows the problem: Fungal infections of the vagina (vaginal fungus) are one of the most common causes of complaints in the genital area. As soon as the balance in the vaginal environment is disturbed, fungi can spread because they love the warm, humid climate. Women of childbearing age, pregnant women or women after the menopause in particular suffer from swelling, itching and burning of the labia and vaginal mucosa - accompanied by crumbly, white-yellow discharge. The good news is that a short treatment with clotrimazole is often enough to let the fungal infection subside. If women repeatedly suffer from vaginal fungus, it can make sense to have their partner examined.

For vaginal fungus

The active ingredient clotrimazole has been used successfully as an antimycotic for fungal infections for years. During the growth phase of the fungus, clotrimazole attacks its cell membrane, which then becomes leaky. As a result, the fungus loses the ability to multiply and eventually dies. In this way, many vaginal fungi can be easily and easily treated with clotrimazole. Since mushrooms hardly change structurally, the active ingredient is still effective even after years.

Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor, 1 applicator filling (approx. 5 g) should be inserted as deep as possible into the vagina and emptied in the evening on 3 consecutive days, as described below. Treatment should not be carried out during menstruation or should be completed before it begins. A new disposable applicator must be used for each application, which is thrown away after use. If the signs of vaginal inflammation (such as itching, discharge, burning) do not improve significantly within the first 4 days after starting treatment, a doctor should be consulted. Pull out the plunger of the disposable applicator as far as it will go.

Open the tube, place the applicator on the tube, keep it pressed down firmly and fill by carefully pressing the tube.

Remove the applicator from the tube, insert it into the vagina as deeply as possible (ideally in the supine position) and empty it by pressing the plunger. When it makes sense to get medical advice Fungal spores love the warm, humid climate of the vagina. If a vaginal fungus does not go away after treatment with CLOTRIMAZOL AL or if it recurs constantly, a doctor should be consulted. Under no circumstances should intimate hygiene be increased during or after fungal infections, as this can make the vaginal mucosa even more susceptible to fungi. More risk for pregnant women

The level of estrogen in the body is particularly high during pregnancy. This can change the vaginal flora and promote a fungal infection of the vagina. The “pill” also changes the hormonal balance, which is why women who use contraception also have an increased risk of vaginal thrush.

Effective prevention of vaginal fungus As a preventive measure, we recommend a healthy diet rich in fiber and avoiding sweets. A healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep and exercise also helps the body to maintain its protective mechanisms. 

Frequently asked questions clotrimazole cream and answers 

How long can CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream keep after opening?

CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream must not be used after the expiry date stated on the tube. The expiry date refers to the last day of the month. The applicators are intended for single use and are disposed of after use.

What if the treatment with CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream is insufficient?
If you have the impression that the effect of CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream is too weak, that the infection does not subside or that it continues to spread, a doctor should be consulted.

Does CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream stop working at some point?
In contrast to viruses and bacteria, fungi hardly change structurally, which means that the antimycotics such as CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream, which have been tried and tested for years, are still effective.

How can vaginal fungus be prevented?
There are some rules of conduct that should be observed as a preventive measure. In addition to intimate hygiene, this includes wiping from front to back when using the toilet and wearing air-permeable underwear.

Can CLOTRIMAZOLE AL 2% vaginal cream also be used during pregnancy?
If treatment is required during pregnancy on the doctor's instructions, it should either be carried out with vaginal tablets without an applicator or with vaginal cream by the doctor.