Clotrimazol Clotrimazole,- Clotrimazolum UK 1% liquid skin 15ml


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  • Clotrimazol Clotrimazole UK drug product in liquid form to the skin Clotrimazolum 1% for use in infections of the skin of the fungus. For efficacy corresponds applied to the active substance - clotrimazole.

Clotrimazol Clotrimazole Composition:
1ml liquid on the skin contains the active substance clotrimazole - 10mg, excipients: isopropyl myristate, anhydrous ethanol.

Clotrimazol Clotrimazole Action:
Clotrimazol Clotrimazole is one of the drugs from the group of imidazole, it exhibits a wide range of antifungal activity. As used in low concentrations helps to inhibit the growth of fungi (action fungistatic) - dermatophytes (bacteria of the genus Epidermophyton, Trichophyton, Microsporum spp), yeast (Candida albicans and other Candida species, Cryptococcus neoformans, Malassezia furfur), Aspergillus spp. mold and fungus dimorficznych (Blastomyces dermatidis, Coccidioides immitis, Sporotrichum scheneckii). In contrast, used in high concentrations has a fungicidal activity.

Clotrimazol Clotrimazole Application:
The medicinal product Clotrimazolum 1% liquid skin indicated for fungal infections of the skin (dermatophytes, yeasts), and the dandruff versicolor and fungal infections of the nail shaft.

Clotrimazol Clotrimazole Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. The use in pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, and children under the age of 11 you should consult with your doctor.

Clotrimazol Clotrimazole Contraindications:
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. Do not use mouth or around the eyes. Do not apply under occlusion.

Clotrimazol Clotrimazole Adverse reactions:
While taking may appear side effects in rare cases there may be allergic reactions, among others, allergic reaction, itching, stinging, burning, and irritation of the transitory nature of the site of application. Very rare: generalized erythema, swelling, rash, hives, skin peeling, cracking skin.

Clotrimazol Clotrimazole Dosage:
For topical application to the skin. When the doctor prescribes a specific dosage, CLOTRIMAZOLUM is recommended to rub a few drops of fluid in the skin, application should be repeated 2-3 times a day. Duration of treatment - until all symptoms have disappeared. After the alleviation of acute symptoms, treatment should be carried out for another 4 weeks (minimum). When athlete's foot treatment should be extended for a further two weeks after all symptoms have resolved to reduce the risk of recurrence.