CODIPAR 250mg suppositories x 10, period pain relief

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  • Codipar 250 is used: the pain of various origins, headaches and teeth, muscle pain, joint and bone pains, painful menstruation, pain after surgical and dental procedures and fever in the course of the common cold.

Paracetamol 250 mg The other ingredients: soy lecithin, neutral fat (Witepsol H-15, H-15 ESTAR)

Codipar 250 is a medicine containing paracetamol that has an analgesic and antipyretic. It does not exhibit
anti-inflammatory activity.

Codipar 250 is used:
- in the pains of different origin:
-bóle head and teeth;
-bóle muscle, joint and bone;
-bolesne menstruation;
-bóle after surgical and dental procedures;
- in the heat in the course of colds or flu.

The drug used rectally.
Children 7 to 12 years - 1 suppository 250 mg 4 times daily; not more often than every 4 hours.
Paracetamol should not be used longer than 10 days for adults and 3 days in children without prescription.