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COLD-WARM compress 12x29 cm

C + V Pharma Depot GmbH

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COLD-WARM compress 12x29 cm, warm or cold compress

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warm or cold compress, C + V Cold-warm compress

The cold-warm compress is a medical product for external use on intact skin that can be used to relieve and treat pain in clinics, practices, household and leisure time. It is a reusable gel compress for use in cold and heat therapy.

Areas of application
Cold application:
Place the compress in the freezer or freezer for approx. 2 hours.
The cold application provides local pain relief and has a decongestant effect. It can be used for:
• blunt injuries
• bruises
• swelling
• sprains

bruises • headaches
• toothaches
• nosebleeds
• insect bites
• acute inflammation of joints and muscles
• minor burns

Warm application:
Heating the compress in the microwave or in warm water can be done according to the following specifications:

microwave at 600 W:
30 x 40 - 4:00 minutes
7.5 x 35 - 2:00 minutes
21 x 38 - 3:00 minutes
13 x 14 - 0:55 minutes
16 x 26 - 4 :00 minutes
7.5 x 13 - 0:25 minutes
12 x 29 - 2:00 minutes
7.5 x 52 - 1:00 minutes

water bath 80°C:
30 x 40 - 4:00 minutes
7.5 x 35 - 4:00 minutes
21 x 38 - 4:00 minutes
13 x 14 - 2:00 minutes
16 x 26 - 4:00 minutes
7.5 x 13 - 2:00 minutes
12 x 29 - 4:00 minutes
7.5 x 52 - 1:00 minute

The warm application stimulates local blood circulation and has a tension-relieving effect. It can be used for:
• Sore muscles
• Back pain
• Menstrual cramps

Instructions for use:
Never place the compress directly on the skin. Always place a cloth between the compress and the skin. Do not use for longer than 20 minutes; take a 30-minute break between applications!

Safety and warning information:
The cold-warm compress is only intended for external use.

Cold-warm compresses
If you have heart, circulatory or sugar diseases, you must always consult a doctor. Do not use on: children under 3 years, helpless, insensitive people, on damaged skin or open wounds! Please do not apply pressure and never use a compress that is damaged, for example if it is leaking. Use on children and cognitively impaired people only under supervision and keep out of reach! If you accidentally swallow the contents of the prey, drink plenty of water and consult a doctor.

Hand wash with mild soap before use. Do not use disinfectants or other solvents for cleaning.

The compress can be disposed of with household waste.

Reporting of incidents:
You should report any serious incident that occurs in connection with the cold-warm compress to the manufacturer (email: and your responsible authority.

warm or cold compress