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COLDASTOP nose oil, nasal catarrhs

Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH

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Coldastop ® nasal oil, nasal catarrhs 20 ml

nasal drops

Main areas of application:
This medicinal product is a vitamin-containing rhinological agent (medicinal product to be placed in the nose).

Coldastop nasal oil for nasal catarrhs is used:
• for the regeneration treatment of acutely or chronically damaged nasal mucosa, e . B. with excessive use of decongestant drugs,
• with dry nasal catarrhs ​​with shrinkage of the mucous membrane and / or crust and crust formation at the nasal entrance, on the inner surface of the nostrils and in the upper pharynx
. B. as Coldastop nasal oil gauze tamponade after nasal septum surgery.

Coldastop nasal oil, nasal catarrhs is applied with a dropper pipette.