COLIBIOGEN children's solution 50 ml irritable bowel syndrome

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irritable bowel syndrome COLIBIOGEN children's solution

Colibiogen ® children is a naturopathic, purely biological preparation for the intestinal mucosa for diet management in irritable bowel syndrome. Its concentration is adapted to the child's organism and does not contain alcohol.

Characteristic of irritable bowel syndrome are abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, bloated stomach and a changed frequency of stools and their texture. This is always accompanied by a disruption of the natural intestinal flora and intestinal mucosa, which affects the normal absorption of nutrients.

Colibiogen ® Children supports the balance of the immune system in the intestine and contributes to the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.
Colibiogen ® Kinder relies on the power of the fermentation filtrate from Escherichia coli strain Laves 1931 (E. coli L1931): The metabolic products of E. coli L1931 (e.g. glycolipids, peptides, fatty acids and amino acids) are important nutrients for the intestinal cells. A reduced concentration of these metabolic products was found in patients with irritable bowel syndrome with a dysfunction of the intestinal mucosa as a barrier.

The effectiveness of diet management with the nutrient complex of the fermentation filtrate from E. coli L1931 has been proven by studies. Colibiogen ® Children is suitable for all forms of irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea / constipation).

Colibiogen ®Kinder is manufactured under special process conditions and is a cell-free product that no longer contains any bacteria and in which, in contrast to conventional bacterial preparations, the proteins, endotoxins, nucleic acids and insoluble cell wall components have been removed.

irritable bowel syndrome COLIBIOGEN children's solution FIELD OF APPLICATION
Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet) for diet management in irritable bowel syndrome

1 time a day in the morning 5 ml (1 teaspoon), for severe symptoms up to 3 times a day 5 ml each 1/2 hour before meals. Always use a clean teaspoon when removing and do not drink from the bottle. Close the bottle tightly after removal.

irritable bowel syndrome COLIBIOGEN children's solution INGREDIENTS
Cell-free fermentation filtrate from Escherichia coli strain Laves 1931, water, lactose, orange flavor.

• Colibiogen ® Kinder is a balanced diet and not a complete food; it is therefore not suitable for exclusive nutrition.
• Use only under medical supervision.

Food irritable bowel syndrome COLIBIOGEN children's solution for special medical purposes (balanced diet)