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COLIEF drops for babies 15 ml.


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What is COLIEF drops for babies?

The main ingredient in COLIEF drops for babies is the enzyme LACTASE, which is naturally present in the human body.

What is LACTASE?

Milk, dairy products, breast milk, formula contain a complex sugar called LACTOSE, which is made up of the simple sugars galactose and glucose. LACTASE is an enzyme naturally produced by the human body that is needed to break down complex milk sugars into simple sugars and thus help the body absorb them.

Lactase deficiency?

During the first months of his life, the baby eats only dairy food. Physiological temporary lactase deficiency in infants can lead to abdominal tension due to the remaining undigested lactose ingested with food, breast milk or formula. This can lead to the so-called. "colic" in babies. This is usually a period that begins in the first weeks after birth and disappears by 3-4 months.

A nightmare period for both parents and baby. Period of hours of crying.

What does COLIEF drops do for babies?

Collif drops are a food supplement that contains the enzyme lactase, which is natural for the human body and helps break down lactose. The enzyme lactase added to the baby's food supports the breakdown of lactose into simple and easily digestible sugars - galactose and glucose, thus supporting its absorption by the body, beneficially affects the digestive functions of the gastrointestinal tract and helps to avoid stress in the stomach. and colic.

When is it necessary to use COLIEF drops for babies?

It is recommended to add COLIEF drops for babies at each feeding of the baby up to 3-4 months of age, after this age the signs of colic disappear. After the third month, or if the colic is less pronounced, the addition of COLIEF drops for babies to the diet can be reduced, initially by reducing the dosage, then only with the inclusion of alternative foods and finally only once a day to precedes the complete exclusion of COLIEF drops for babies. This usually happens at the end of the 4th month. If the signs of colic reappear, you can start adding COLIEF drops for babies according to the usual scheme.

Instructions for use of COLIEF drops for babies and dosage:

The food supplement COLIEF drops for babies is added to breast milk or formula at each feeding of the baby.

COLIEF drops Breastfeeding:

Squeeze a few teaspoons (15 ml.) Of milk.

Add 4 drops of COLIEF

Give the baby a spoon.

Then breastfeeding continues as usual.

Adapted milks:

Prepare your child's food according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Add 4 drops of COLIEF to the food prepared in this way, which should not be hot, but warm - body temperature.

Shake the bottle vigorously, wait ½ an hour and start feeding after you are convinced that the temperature of the food is appropriate.

Do not store leftover food, but throw it away!


COLIEF drops for babies contain the enzyme lactase, which is destroyed by high temperature. Always prepare formula according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Important information

Do not give the drops directly to the baby. Do not add COLIEF drops baby to hot or very cold milk.

COLIEF drops Daily dose:

depending on the frequency of feedings and the age of the baby. (0-3 months - 7 times, 4 months - 6 times a day)

Breastfeeding: 0-3 months - 28 drops daily / 4 months - 24 drops daily

Artificial nutrition: 0-3 months - 28 drops daily / 4 months - 24 drops daily

Do not exceed the indicated dosage

Duration of administration: up to 4 months of age or remission of colic

Ingredients : enzyme lactase, glycerol, water

Contents: 7 ml / 160 drops

The product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.