Colief Vitamin D3 drops (cholecalciferol) 20ml.


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Colief Vitamin D3 drops (cholecalciferol)

Colliffe Vitamin D3 - For healthy bones and teeth. For better immunity.

1 Pack contains 600 drops of Vitamin D3

Elderberry added sugar, colorants and preservatives

2μg (80IU) for 1 drop

150 daily doses for babies and children / amount for 5 months

120 daily doses for pregnant and lactating mothers / amount for 4 months

Colief Vitamin D3 drops (cholecalciferol) Ingredients: Purified coconut oil, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol).

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for the human body to be able to perform its functions optimally. It is responsible for the normal development of bones and teeth in babies and young children and maintains in good condition the skeletal system and tooth structure in pregnant and lactating mothers. Vitamin D promotes the normal absorption of phosphorus and calcium, and maintains its normal concentration in the blood. Vitamin D helps the immune system to function properly. Vitamin D helps the body fight osteoporosis, recovery from fractures, some cardiovascular disorders, and has a beneficial effect as a concomitant therapy for malignant diseases.

World standards in medical practice recommend additional intake of Vitamin D for all babies and young children from 0 months to 5 years in the absence of special growth disorders from 200 to 350 IU per day, and if necessary (proven deficiency) can be increased to 1000 IU and for all pregnant and lactating mothers from 400 to 600 IU per day. The usual dose for adults is 400 IU per day, while in periods of intense growth 16-22 years can be 600 IU per day.

Vitamin D is absorbed by the food we eat or is formed by the skin under the influence of sunlight, which has imposed the concept of "SUN VITAMIN". But no one is sure if the amount taken with food is enough or if it has been in the sun long enough, so almost always the body is deficient in Vitamin D and requires its additional intake in the form of drops.

The first reason that requires additional intake of Vitamin D is the inability of the skin to produce optimal levels of the vitamin under the influence of sunlight dictated by geographical use or seasonality, as well as the use of sunscreens, a lifestyle that assumes less and less time than everyday life spent outdoors, the nature of clothing covering more and more of the body, and this ability of the skin to produce Vitamin D decreases with age.

The second reason for the deficiency of Vitamin D is its incomplete absorption, different for each individual and depending on the characteristics of each metabolism, as well as the intake of foods with insufficient content of Vitamin D.

Why Vitamin D3 instead of Vitamin D2

In supplements designed to provide as an additional intake of Vit. D, it is presented in two forms:

1. Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2)

2. Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)

Which, however, are not equivalent!

Form D3 is identical to the type of Vitamin D produced by our body when exposed to the sun. Form D2 is Vitamin D inherent in plants.

According to data from recent studies and tests, form D3 is 87% better in achieving and maintaining the concentration of Vitamin D in the blood and creates 3 folded depots of Vitamin D compared to form D2.

Form D3 is absorbed at the plasma level 500% faster than form D2.

D2 is more unstable and shorter in life, and its metabolites are poorer in protein, making it less effective in building bone density in the future.

Last but not least, the long-term clinical practice proves that in those taking form D3 the risk of death is reduced by 6%, while in those taking form D2 this risk increases by 2%.

Colief Vitamin D3 drops are a food supplement with the optimal content of Vitamin D in each drop. Designed to deliver the required dose of Vitamin D at the right time, concentration and time.

Colief Vitamin D3 drops are designed to meet the increased needs of Vitamin D in the presence of an established deficiency, as well as to provide optimal concentration of Vitamin D in the body imposed by various circumstances: intensive growth in infancy, childhood and school age, pregnancy and breastfeeding, recovery from fractures or illness, improper diet and / or exercise. Colief Vitamin D3 drops are ideal for preventing rickets and strengthening the immune system.

Colief Vitamin D3 drops (cholecalciferol) Usage:

Colief Vitamin D3 drops are taken orally directly or mixed with food or drink (water, fruit juice). In young babies, they are given (instilled) directly into the mouth using the dropper on the bottle. For correct dosing the bottle is held vertically, for correct measurement of the drops

Babies and young children: 4 drops once a day (8μg / 320IU vitamin D3)

Pregnant and lactating mothers : 5 drops once a day (10μg / 400IU vitamin D3), if necessary it is permissible to take up to 8 drops once a day (16μg / 640 IU vitamin D3)

In adults : 5 drops once a day (10μg / 400IU vitamin D3)

In case of recovery after fractures or diseases, intensive growth, in case of osteoporosis to improve bone density : According to a doctor's recommendation, up to 15 drops once a day (30μg / 1200IU vitamin D3)

The product is a food supplement.

Do not use as a substitute for a varied and rational diet.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.