COLLAGEN cream for voluminous lips 30 ml., COLLAGEN


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Juicy and shaped lips in just a few weeks.


  • Increases lip volume
  • Makes the lips thicker and gives a youthful look
  • Improves tissue trophism

Because the lips have a specific tissue structure and unlike other parts of the skin do not have sebaceous and sweat glands, as well as a protective keratinizing layer - the so-called stratum corneum is extremely thin, it very quickly loses moisture and volume, but therefore absorption of useful nutrients is carried out more easily.

With age, UV rays, smoking and other adverse environmental factors reduce collagen synthesis in the body and so with age the lips begin to thin. The peak volume of the oral tissues is reached at the age of 14-16 and then the process of reduction of adipose tissue and collagen synthesis begins. That is why juicy lips are perceived as a sign of youth and change the symmetry and structure of the face.

The extremely rich nutritional texture of COLLAGEN FOR VOLUME LIP (collagen, elastin and allantoin) improves the nutrition of the lip tissues, increases collagen synthesis and day after day leads to better structure and volume of the lips. Better blood supply is also stimulated by cinnamon oil, which is enriched with shea butter and cocoa, retains water in the cells and the lips become smoother, better supplied with blood and juicier.


Apply gently 2-3 times a day and massage.