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Colloidal silver (silver water) 25 ppm

Pestalozzi Pharmacy

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Colloidal silver (silver water) 25 ppm 

Colloidal silver in pharmacy quality. Always freshly made.

Why should you choose Colloidal Silver from Pestalozzi Pharmacy?

 Top quality from secured pharmacy production

  • Manufactured in the Pestalozzi Pharmacy's own pharmacy laboratories by qualified personnel 
  • over 10 years manufacturing experience
  • Use of modern colloid generators under monitored laboratory conditions
  • Proven manufacturing process with > 99.99% pure silver rods
  • Use of highly pure distilled water

 High quality colloidal silver

  • 100% natural and highly pure colloidal silver without additives with finely distributed real silver particles
  • Ideal size distribution of the silver colloids
  • Satisfied users with high product ratings

 Delivered in an apothecary bottle

  • bottled in a light-inhibiting brown glass bottle
  • with drip insert for easy dosing (can also be removed for large-volume dosing)
  • with tamper evident clasp

 Made in Germany

  • Manufactured exclusively in Germany

 Pestalozzi Pharmacy silver water guaranteed

  • no animal testing
  • vegan
  • ideal price-performance ratio
  • Available in different strengths and sizes

What should you pay attention to when buying colloidal silver?

Water quality:

Distilled water with strict specifications:

  • Conductivity: <10 µs/cm
  • pH value: 5.0 - 7.0
  • Evaporation residue: < 3.0 mg/l

It is also important that no additives are added during the manufacturing process to increase the conductivity of the distilled water.   

► Appearance:

Colloidal silver in its liquid form is usually colorless, slightly yellowish or clearly yellow to brown in color. Especially in higher concentrations, the silver water can take on an increasingly yellowish color.

Important: Yellowing or a lack of yellowing does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the quality. The silver water must always be clear - without cloudiness or solid particles. 


Depending on what the colloidal silver is used for, different concentrations are suitable. As the ppm number increases, the concentration of colloidal silver also increases.

Since the ideal concentration varies depending on the application, we offer colloidal silver in different strengths .   



Shelf life is 12 months after opening  

Scope of delivery:

⁠100 ml "Colloidal Silver - Pestalozzi Pharmacy" in a light-inhibiting apothecary brown glass bottle
with tamper-evident cap and drip insert for easy portioning.


Distilled water (conductivity: < 10 µs/cm; pH value: 5.0 - 7.0; evaporation residue: < 3.0 mg), colloidal silver
(without other additives)


Stand upright in brown glass bottles protected from light and sun at a constant room temperature

Additional Information:

The colloidal silver 25 ppm is freshly made with highly pure distilled water under qualified laboratory conditions and delivered in a dark glass bottle. Production takes place in the pharmacy under monitored laboratory conditions. The colloidal silver is produced electrolytically using an appropriate generator. Tiny particles are formed from 99.99% pure silver and distributed in distilled water. We work without using any additives. Please note: Colloidal silver is not a medicine and therefore does not indicate an indication. For legal reasons, we only offer colloidal silver for technical purposes. Not for ingestion.

Effectiveness of silver

The effectiveness of silver can be attributed to the oligodynamic effect. This effect is described by the Swiss Carl Wilhelm von Nägeli. It states that the ions of some metals can have a damaging effect on various pathogens. In addition to bacteria and fungi, these pathogens also include viruses. The extent to which the effects of colloidal silver are comparable must be examined and proven in further studies.