Colloidal silver spray, GOLDEX Silver Nanocolloid non-chemical 500ml


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  • Colloidal silver spray. The company Goldex, using the natural antibacterial properties of silver, has created the product Silver Nanocolloidal non-chemical - a unique product for cleansing the face and body, which not only removes impurities, but also mattes the complexion.

Aqua, Silver (nano). Concentration: 50ppm.

A universal liquid with cleansing and caring for everyday use on both the face and the whole body. The product helps effectively cleanse the skin of all kinds of impurities. Additionally, it removes excess sebum, thanks to which it works matically. Preparation Silver Nanocolloid non-chemical is extremely gentle, does not irritate and does not allow excessive dryness. Antibacterial properties of silver make it a multifunctional cosmetic. Reduces skin changes - eczemas, acne or herpes, can be successfully used as an antiperspirant, because it neutralizes the bacteria responsible for the unpleasant odor. Silver soothes irritation and redness and regenerates the epidermis, which means it can replace the after shave. Odorless product Silver Nanocolloid non-chemical ones do not require rinsing,

Goldex Silver Nanocolloid non-chemical recommended for everyday hygiene and face and body care, adapted to various skin types. It can be used at any age, both by women and by men.

Additional information: The
product has been dermatologically tested. Store at room temperature. Protect from light.

Do not use in people with allergies to precious metals.

Directions for use:
Apply a small amount of the product to the dry face or body, leave until the liquid has been absorbed.