COLON C powder, psyllium seed shells, Plantago ovata


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COLON C powder 200g

  • Colon C powder contains kernel psyllium seed shells - a valuable source of natural fiber as well as probiotic bacteria and prebiotic, indicated for the proper functioning of the digestive system, better digestion and regulation of metabolic processes.

Colon C leaflet

Colon C composition:

Eggplant husk ( Plantago ovata ), chicory inulin ( Cichorium intybus ), double-coated bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis .

Substances with a nutritional and / or physiological effect: The recommended daily dose (10 g) includes:
Spermophilus of Plantain ovata (Plantago ovata) 6.175 g
Chicory inulin (Cichorium intybus) 3.48 g

Colon C action and indications:

Colon C is made of natural ingredients that help the gut peristalsis. The daily dose of Colon C provides the right amount of fiber and provides the intestines with friendly bacteria. Psylli plant seed splines provide fiber, which increases the volume, stimulates the intestinal walls to work and shifting the mass contained in them. The presence of fiber in the gut supports the development of friendly bacteria that affect the proper functioning of the whole organism. Fructooligosaccharides (prebiotics) contained in Colon C modify intestinal flora and increase the population of bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus.

Additional information:

Dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute (replacement) of a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended portion for consumption during the day. Keep out of reach of small children.


2 heaped teaspoons (10 g) a day - one before breakfast, the other before dinner. Mix with water or fruit juice and drink immediately. It is important to drink the preparation with an extra glass of water or juice. After two weeks, you can reduce the amount of preparation by half.

Net weight: 200g