Coloplast BRAVA elastic fixation strips curved

Coloplast GmbH

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Coloplast BRAVA elastic fixation strips curved

pack size:20 pcs Dosage form:stripes

To protect the skin under a belt.

Brava Elastic Fixation Strip

Unintentional detachment of the base plate or rolling up of the edges is prevented.

The elastic Coloplast  fixation strips are available in three different shapes: a straight one for square base plates, a curved one for round and oval base plates and a pointed one when additional horizontal adhesive surface is required or to protect the skin under a belt.

Secure ostomy care - with the Coloplast Brava elastic fixation strips.

The new Brava Elastic Fixation Strip holds the stoma securely in the right place and still offers enough freedom of movement because it is elastic and can follow the body's movements. The material absorbs moisture, protecting the skin and ensuring that it stays healthy.

Coloplast Brava Elastic Fixation String, Sheet - Manufacturer Coloplast Information

The curved fixing strip made of elastic, skin-friendly material prevents the edge of the base plate from detaching or rolling up and offers you more security during your activities thanks to the larger adhesive surface. The curved fixing strip is the classic for additional security. Suitable for round or oval base plates.