Coloplast, CONVEEN leg bag 750 ml 50 cm hose

Coloplast GmbH

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Coloplast, CONVEEN ® leg bag 750 ml 5167 50 cm tube

pack size:10 pcs Dosage form:bag

Coloplast Conveen non-sterile leg bag (750 ml leg bag, 50 cm tube)

Safe and reliable urine bags with kink resistant tubing to prevent urinary retention. Conveen Non-Sterile Leg Bags are the only bags that are free of PVC and plasticizers (phthalates). Phthalates are prohibited in children's toys, but only require labeling in medical products. By not using plasticizers that are hazardous to health, Coloplast ensures that users are not exposed to any additional risk. Phthalates such as DEHP, when in prolonged contact with the body, can cause significant damage such as hormonal imbalances that can even lead to infertility. Conveen non-sterile leg bags therefore offer users extra security.

Coloplast, CONVEEN leg bag Features:
- The flat flap closure makes closing the bag particularly easy and discreet.
- Soft fleece on the back ensures greater comfort.
- Kink-resistant tubing prevents urine reflux and leaks.
- Free of PVC and phthalates (plasticizers).
- Optional collection point (unique) allows safe urine sample collection.
- Extended drain hose prevents contact with urine when emptying the bag.
- Discreet and modern design.
- The pouch is barely visible under clothing due to its colour.