Coloplast , CONVEEN Optima condom urinal 8 cm 35 mm

Coloplast GmbH

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Coloplast , CONVEEN Optima condom urinal 8 cm 35 mm 22035

Conveen ® Optima condom

pack size:30 pcs Dosage form:condoms

urinal Coloplast's award-winning condom urinal for men with urinary incontinence. Discreet, reliable and very easy to use, Conveen Optima is a reliable all-day continence solution.

Easy to
apply The double roll-off strip ensures easy and smooth unrolling and secure adhesion - even for caregivers wearing gloves.

-proof An optimal connection between condom urinal and bag gives you the greatest possible security.
These properties ensure a leak-proof connection:
the ribbed drainage nozzle with the reinforced ring at the end makes a secure connection with the bag particularly easy.
An accordion kink protection effectively prevents the condom urinal from kinking and thus ensures an unhindered flow of urine.
Due to the balanced adhesion, Conveen Optima holds reliably and can still be removed again without pain.

Comfortable to wear
The breathable PSX silicone is stretchy and guarantees a perfect fit.

Balanced adhesion
Conveen Optima has a balanced adhesive already applied to the inside, which ensures reliable adhesion and is skin-friendly at the same time. The condom urinal thus adapts securely to the penis and does not cause any skin irritation. Each condom urinal can be worn for up to 24 hours.

Compact box
The easy-to-open packaging is compact and discreet. Conveen Optima is delivered in the lightweight compact box, which can be disposed of with normal household waste.