Colostrum FROXIMUN TOXAPREVENT medi acute

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Colostrum FROXIMUN TOXAPREVENT medi acute capsules 60 pcs

FROXIMUN Colostrum TOXAPREVENT medi acute capsules 60 pieces

MANC with high quality colostrum

  • Toxaprevent Medi Akut combines high-quality colostrum with the active ingredient MANC. The special composition has various biologically active substances, in particular immunoglobulins, growth factors, lymphokines, transfer factor, lactoferrin, transferrin, lactoperoxidase, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

mode of action:

  • Toxaprevent Medi Akut helps to prevent, alleviate and treat diseases in the entire digestive tract, to strengthen the immune system and to relieve the metabolic organs.
  • A positive reaction of the immune system can be expected from the additive colostrum. On the way through the digestive tract, histamine and other biogenic amines, heavy metals and cesium are bound.
  • Is particularly suitable for the use of complaints from the stomach to the anus. As a result, in almost all cases, the liver is relieved and blood values ​​improve. Recommended for people for seasonal prevention of colds and flu, general immune deficiencies and after serious illnesses.

Examples, for the prevention, Colostrum, relief and treatment of

  • General immunodeficiency
  • tumor follow-up patients
  • For severe chronic diseases
  • influenza effects
  • Loss of libodo in women (DHEA-S deficiency)

Recommended Colostrum dosage:
Take 1-2 capsules before each main meal 3 times a day with plenty of liquid.