Colostrum powder | Colostrum 100% Pure Powder

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Colostrum powder | Colostrum 100% Pure Powder 85g

  • Colostrum powder. Colostrum 100% Pure Powder is dried bovine colostrum in which immunoglobulins and lactoferrin are naturally found. The ingredients contained in the dietary supplement support the immune function of the body.


Ingredients Colostrum powder | Colostrum 100% Pure Powder 85g:

dried bovine colostrum (milk), <1% emulsifiers: MCT oil, sunflower lecithin. Information about allergens: the product contains milk.

The content of ingredients in 1.25g / w 2.5g of the product: dried bovine colostrum - 1.25g / 2.5g.


Action Colostrum powder | Colostrum 100% Pure Powder 85g:

Colostrum 100% Pure Powder is a dietary supplement in the form of powder. The product contains dried bovine colostrum, which is a source of naturally occurring immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. The dietary supplement provides support for the body's immune function.

Colostrum 100% Pure Powder dietary supplement intended for supplementing the diet with ingredients that support the functioning of the immune system. The product is intended for use by persons over 18 years of age.

Additional information: The
dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The product should be stored in a dry place, inaccessible to children, at room temperature (15-30 ° C). Before starting to use the preparation, a doctor should be consulted, especially if you feel any discomfort or medication. Two weeks before the surgery, the dietary supplement should be discontinued.

Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to any component of the dietary supplement. The preparation is not intended for use in children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and those planning pregnancy.


Directions for use Colostrum powder | Colostrum 100% Pure Powder 85g:

Recommended daily dose: 1-2 teaspoons. Take 1 teaspoon 1 to 2 times a day. 1 teaspoon is about 1.25g. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

Net weight: 85g.