COLOSTRUM REPALAC immune capsules

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COLOSTRUM REPALAC immune capsules

Colostrum Repalac Immun Capsules

pack size:60 pcs Dosage form:capsules

Repalac Immun Capsules are made from pure colostrum, the first milk a newborn calf receives from its mother when it is born. The primal food par excellence, bioactive in all its valuable components, cleaned, degreased and decaseinated.
Repalac immune capsules contain, among other things, all known amino acids in the ideal ratio to each other. Furthermore, immunoglobulins as well as growth factors, minerals and vitamins.

How to take COLOSTRUM REPALAC immune capsules, Repalac Immun Capsules?

1-2 capsules morning and evening (right before bedtime).
How should Repalac Immun Capsules be stored?
Do not store at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius.