COLOSTRUM Repalac Immune Liquid Extract

Colostrum s.r.o.

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COLOSTRUM Repalac Immune Liquid Extract

pack size:125ml Dosage form:liquid

High purity colostrum extract.

Repalac liquid consists of pure colostrum, the first "milk" that a newborn calf receives from its mother when it is born. The primeval food par excellence, cleaned, degreased and decaseinated.


How to take COLOSTRUM Repalac liquid?

For adults:
1-2 measuring cups (mark 10 ml) morning and evening (right before bedtime).

For toddlers and infants: 1 teaspoon in the morning

is recommended to be taken with juice, do not mix with warm drinks.


How to store COLOSTRUM Repalac liquid?

After opening, please store in the refrigerator.
Do not store at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius.

Pure extract from defatted and decaseinated first milk (colostrum) of the cow.