COLOUR (GEL, cream)) ZINC 20g dermatitis cream, acne cure, acne skin care


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  • COLOUR ZINC, includes the composition of zinc oxide, which is sometimes helpful in healing inflammation of the skin, skin abrasions and acne and herpes. Ointment shows local effect drying.

Zinc Oxide -10g, hydrophilic petrolatum (cholesterol, stearyl alcohol, white wax, white petrolatum) - 90g.

This product is intended for topical use contains zinc oxide, which owes its drying effect. Coated abraded skin and promotes the healing process and prevents further irritation.

- allergic to components of the preparation
- acute inflammation of the skin
- Open wounds

It is recommended to use support in case of dermatitis, acne and minor skin abrasions.

A small amount of ointment applied at the pathologically altered, repeating function x 1-2 / 24.