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COLOUR HORSE COOLING FORTE 300ml, anti-rheumatic, rheumatoid arthritis, heavy legs


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  • Horse Ointment Cooling Forte, it doubled the strength of 25 respectively associated with each of the herbs natural analgesic properties, anti-rheumatic and relaxing. The composition includes, among others chestnut, juniper, comfrey, arnica.

25 herbs - horse chestnut, comfrey, common juniper, arnica, rosemary, camphor, eucalyptus Knob, peppermint, pine, Japanese ginkgo, Scutellaria baicalensis, purple coneflower, turnip common, marigold, thyme, silver fir, lemon extract, grapefruit extract, mountain pine - Kosówka right, lavender, heather ordinary, black currant, chamomile, blueberry blackberry, bistort.

Ointment Horse Cooling Forte is 100% natural, proven measure whose strength comes from the synergy of action of 25 interconnected herbs. This original Swiss blend, provides relief for pain in joints, muscles, spine and provides help in symptoms associated with inflammatory arthritis, rheumatic pain, inflammation of tendons, swelling of joints and ailments of the sciatic nerve. In addition, this unique composition of herbs, is refreshing and, therefore, the product is especially recommended for use after a load locomotive. Product dermatologically tested.

Ointment Horse Cooling Forte, it brings relief and refreshment for strained muscles and feeling of "heavy" legs. The ingredients ointments, also help with problems with joints, muscles and spine. They bring relief in rheumatic conditions and ailments of the sciatic nerve. The product suitable for all age groups.

How to use:
Apply the gel to the affected area in an amount such that the skin was able to absorb it. massage. in order to increase performance it is recommended to apply a thicker layer of the formulation and the dry dressing.