COLOUR MAJERANKOWA 10g fungi, skin bacteria, skin infections, skin infection treatment


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  • COLOUR MAJERANKOWA a formulation which reduces inflammation, fights bacteria and fungi as well as seals and strengthens blood vessel walls. It also prevents excessive flaking of the skin.

Extractum fluidum (2: 1) ex 2g Majoranae herba, Vaselinum album ad 10.0 g

This product is intended for external use, the contents of herb marjoram. It has a number of positive skin properties. First of all, it reduces inflammation, fights bacteria and fungi, and has a sealing and strengthening the walls of blood vessels. In addition, it prevents excessive keratolizacji and accelerates granulation and scarring.

It is recommended to use the product in case of difficult to heal wounds, ulcers, inflammation and cracking of the skin, hemorrhoids, as well as burns, frostbite and insect bites.

Apply externally by applying a small amount of the ointment in the pathologically altered by repeating the action several times a day.