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COLOUR TRANOWA 20g fatty acid, epidermis treatment, skin treatment, skin care treatments


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  • COLOUR TRANOWA is a product based on vitamin A fatty acid which increases the resistance and reduces the dermal exfoliation process of the epidermis. Additionally, speeds up granulation.

Oleum Jecoris asellia 40 g, Paraffinum solidum 7 g, vaselinum album 43 g, 10 g lanolinum.

This product is intended for external use is a rich source of vitamin A and essential fatty acids. With these valuable components applied to the skin increases its resistance and reduce the peeling. In addition, the acceleration effect on the healing process of the skin in case of damage.

It is recommended to use the product as part of treatment, accelerating the healing of skin lesions, especially in the case of burns, bedsores and frostbite.

The ointment is designed for external use only. A small amount of the levy in pathologically changed, repeating function x 1-2 / 24.