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COLOUR WITH VITAMIN A PROTECTIVE 25g, vitamin a cream, retinol cream


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  • COLOUR WITH VITAMIN A through retynolowi palmitate exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, accelerates regeneration of the skin and prevents its excessive keratosis.

Vitamin A 800 IU / g, white petrolatum, Palsgaard 0291, lemon flavor, purified water.

The product is intended for topical use. It contains vitamin A, which owes its properties. First of all neutralize the inflammatory processes, and accelerates the regeneration of the skin and prevents the excessive peeling.

- allergic to the ingredients
- the simultaneous use of desiccant and astringent

The product should be applied externally in case of minor damage to the skin, burns and frostbite degree and to reduce the keratosis of the epidermis, as well as in the framework of protection from frost and direct sunlight.

For external use only. A small amount of ointment used in pathologically altered by repeating the action x 1-2 / 24