COMAR x 30 tablets

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  • Summer is coming, and the samy time of increased attacks, mosquitoes, gnats and ticks. Do not let that spoil the joy of summer time! Tablets Comar limited interest in insects our skin - reducing the number of bites and reduce the allergic response.

1.4 mg of thiamin hydrochloride, 50 mg extract Perilla (Perilla frutescens). Action: The preparation due to the content of vitamin B1 - thiamine, which is not stored in our body, but removed in the form of surplus with the sweat - causes a specific smell of leather limiting requesting insects. However, in a situation when it comes already to bite, it contained inside extract Perilla protects against blisters and itching of the skin. Perilla further reduces perspiration, causing a longer retention on the skin is felt by insects odor of the formulation.Dosage: The spot of 1 to 2 tablets, preferably for about an hour before the exit to the open air. During the hatching of mosquitoes, gnats and ticks is recommended the systematic use 1 tablet a day.