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COMBUR 5 Test HC test strips determination of glucose, blood, protein

Roche Diagnostics Germany GmbH

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COMBUR 5 Test HC test strips determination of glucose, blood, protein


Pack size:10 pc Dosage form:Test strips


Combur 5Test HC test strips
Visual urine test strips
Determination of leukocytes (semi-quantitative) Determination of nitrite (qualitative) Determination of glucose (semi-quantitative) Determination of protein (semi-quantitative) Determination of blood (semi-quantitative)
Modern design and well-thought-out technology
Easy to use
Reliable result evaluation
easy to read color gamut
No interference with ascorbic acid
High sensitivity - the low limit of detection
result of years of dedicated research and consistent further
high readability - 1 to 2 minutes, a simultaneous reading allerTestfelder
In 10 possible variations of test strips

For the determination of glucose, blood, protein.

COMBUR 5 Test HC test strips determination of glucose, blood, protein Active ingredients

  • White blood cell test zone
  • Nitrite test zone
  • Protein test zone
  • Glucose test zone
  • Erythrocyte test zone

Combur 5 Test® HC detects substances excreted in the urine and can thus provide information about illnesses, even if no symptoms have arisen.

For example, urinary tract infections can be detected at an early stage, chronic kidney diseases - which often cause hardly any symptoms over a long period of time - can be discovered and previously undetected diabetics can be identified.

  • quick and easy test execution
  • the Combur 5 Test® HC strip is dipped into the urine sample
  • the test result is available after 60-120 seconds
  • The findings section of the instructions for use can be used to document and discuss the test results with the doctor


COMBUR 5 Test HC test strips determination of glucose, blood, protein Outstanding product quality


  • high quality test strip structure for maximum reliability and ease of use
  • clear color change of the test fields even with slight pathological changes in the urine
  • clear result display through homogeneous color development on the test fields
  • easy evaluation of results using a color comparison scale in special, color-fast varnish printing
  • high diagnostic reliability - for doctor and patient

Vitamin C resistance

  • About 20% of all urine samples contain vitamin C in high concentrations
  • Vitamin C in the urine sample can cause false negative test results on the blood and glucose test areas
  • The result: diseases may not be identified immediately and the necessary therapies may only be initiated with a delay
  • the solution: the use of vitamin C suppressed test strips such as Combur 5 Test® HC; This largely avoids false negative result displays for the blood and glucose test fields
  • A comparison of five common urine test strips has shown: Only the Combur-Test product line is largely resistant to the influence of vitamin C! (Source: Clinical Laboratory, 2006: 52: 149-153)

Self-control cannot replace medical control. Discoloration of the test fields should be discussed with the doctor in order to initiate any therapy that may be required.