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COMFORT BELT for moor cushions

SONNENMOOR Verhandlungs- u. Vertriebs GmbH

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COMFORT BELT for moor cushions

Pack size:1 pc

COMFORT BELT for Moor Pillow
Maximum comfort when using the SonnenMoor Moor Pillow


Comfort belt made of cotton; from approx. 65 cm to 125 cm waist circumference, suitable for the moor pillow (size Medi) from SonnenMoor.

COMFORT BELT Ingredients:

Made from high-quality, natural cotton; easy to care for and long-lasting.

Application COMFORT BELT :

The practical SonnenMoor comfort belt is a valuable addition to the use of the SonnenMoor moor cushion. The strap guarantees a high level of comfort, protects your skin and protects against excessively hot use. With the help of the comfort belt, the moor pillow can be placed in the desired regions of the body. Insert the heated moor cushion into the inside opening of the comfort belt and close the snap fastener. With the comfort strap, the moor pillow can be worn during the day and/or at night. This means it can be used comfortably while lying down, sitting or even when moving, such as during sports, around the house or at work. You determine the duration of application individually at your own discretion.

Please do not place the comfort belt together with the moor cushion in the microwave or steamer to heat up.