COMPRESSANA, knee socks

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COMPRESSANA, knee socks, Forte K2 AD 4 silk o.Sp. 2 pcs


COMPRESSANA Forte K2, knee socks, size 4, silk, without lace


Product COMPRESSANA, knee socks description

The stocking for everyone for whom function is the most important thing! With FORTE, you can rely uncompromisingly on exceptional effectiveness and have stockings that go with you through thick and thin. Strong, wrapped yarns create strong yet comfortable compression stockings.

With a strong working pressure, FORTE is also particularly suitable for men. The wide-meshed and soft knit promotes air circulation, absorbs moisture well and stimulates blood circulation. Another advantage: It is particularly easy to put on FORTE. You have a good grip on the solid, hard-wearing material!
•hard-wearing and durable
•soft and supple
•easy to put on
•excellent elasticity in the knee and thigh area

With compression stockings, it is always important to have the right amount of pressure that the knitted fabric exerts on the leg. Therefore, compression stockings are divided into compression classes. The so-called resting pressure, i.e. the pressure that the stocking exerts on a resting leg, is decisive for the assignment to compression classes. If you now move the leg, the muscles tense and the cross-section of the leg changes (e.g. when the calf muscle is active). This pressure that a stocking puts on the leg when it moves is called working pressure.
A thin, attractive compression stocking gives in slightly, while a strong knitted fabric and well-dosed elasticity ensure stability and efficient working pressure. Muscular men's legs, severe venous and lymphatic disorders and edema are therefore treated with "strong" stockings.
Compression stockings can also be combined! For example, wearing two KKL1 stockings on top of each other results in a compression pressure of approx. 36-42 mmHg, which corresponds to KKL3.