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Concentrated beetroot juice, BETANIO PLUS beetroot concentrate

Cellavent Healthcare GmbH

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BETANIO PLUS beetroot concentrate, Concentrated beetroot juice

Pack size:500ml Dosage form:concentrate

BETANIO PLUS Beetroot Concentrate
Dietary Supplement


Concentrated beetroot juice, Natural Organic Beetroot Concentrate

The 100% pure, fermented organic beetroot concentrate is obtained from a particularly nutrient-rich beetroot variety. Highly concentrated from over 3 kg of beetroot per bottle, Betanio PLUS is rich in secondary plant substances such as betaine, betanin and inorganic nitrate. At the same time, the oxalic acid content is maximally reduced through controlled fermentation and adjusted to a nitrate-oxalic acid ratio that is optimal for health.*

Why beetroot?
Due to its special nutrient composition, beetroot is a real health booster. In addition to many vitamins and minerals, it also contains the valuable nutritional ingredients betanin, betaine and inorganic nitrate. Betanio PLUS with the triple synergism complex contains these three important, mutually reinforcing vital substances.

Gently fermented and concentrated
To produce Betanio PLUS, the beetroot is harvested at the optimal ripe time. The precious pressed juice is then gently concentrated and fermented in a controlled manner using lactobacilli. In this way, the valuable vital substances are optimally preserved and the oxalic acid content is sustainably minimized.*

Importance of nitrate and oxalic acid
Nitrate and oxalic acid are two substances that occur naturally in healthy plant-based foods, such as spinach, beetroot or rocket. However, it is recommended to reduce the intake of oxalic acid as much as possible. Nitrate, on the other hand, is potentially health-promoting and could therefore support various areas in the body.

Live actively - regenerate effectively
Thanks to the natural 3-fold synergism, Betanio PLUS not only supports well-being, but also becomes a loyal companion in leisure and elite sports: While betaine could have a positive influence on homocysteine ​​levels, nitrates could be a long shot of the vessels. Due to its antioxidant properties, betanin has the potential to neutralize free radicals.

Concentrated beetroot juice:

*Optimal nitrate-oxalic acid ratio of 8:1. Best possible nitrate values ​​(243.83 mg) with maximum reduction of oxalic acid. 46x less oxalic acid than the equivalent amount (176.67g) of fresh beetroot. (Analysis 2022)