CONCEPT PACKAGE - Fertilaid for men and Fertilaid for women


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FertilAid for women and FertilAid for men for successful conception.

FertilAid formulas have been developed by leading experts in reproductive medicine in the United States to optimize male and female fertility in a natural and safe way, supplying the body with the most important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants needed for successful conception. FertilAid formulas have been developed based on validated scientific data on the effects of a number of medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals on fertility.

How to achieve the desired pregnancy?

For couples actively trying to conceive, the FertilAid package offers benefits and convenience, as well as the assurance that both partners enhance their reproductive functions to achieve the greatest chance of conception. FertilAid products are recommended for all couples trying to conceive, regardless of the identified causes of low fertility. These are the only fertility products that cover the full range of essential vitamins and minerals in 100% of their daily dose, as well as additional ingredients that increase fertility.

FertilAid for women contains important components such as folic acid and Adam's tree (vitex agnus castus), which contribute to hormonal balance and overall reproductive health.

The male FertilAid formula contains L-carnitine, zinc and selenium, which improve the spermogram by increasing the number and motility of sperm.