CONTAM mini vaginal tampon, stress incontinence menopause


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CONTAM mini vaginal tampon, stress incontinence menopause

Diameter: 22mm
Length (wet): 61mm

Therapy option for stress incontinence (involuntary loss of urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing, etc.) and to strengthen / activate the pelvic floor muscles. The envisaged hysterectomy with plastic construction can be dispensed with through effective treatment with Contam.


CONTAM mini vaginal tampon, stress incontinence menopause


The length and diameter specifications are approximate values ​​in the state of use (wet). The raw material (polyvinyl alcohol foam) is an elastic material that may vary slightly.

By positioning the tampon in the vaginal area, gentle pressure is used to return the neck of the bladder to its original position. The sphincter can perform its original function again. The vaginal tampon supports the activation of the pelvic floor muscles. By using Contam®; If necessary, uterine prolapses can be reduced and thus operations can be delayed or even prevented in some cases. Contam® performs the carrier function for local positioning of healing-supporting substances (in the case of fungal infections, hormone treatments). Large sizes help restore a prolapse.

CONTAM mini vaginal tampon, stress incontinence menopause Advantages:
• Pleasantly soft and supple and yet elastic • Invisible • Perfect
fit • Prevents odor

• can be used several times