CONTAM vaginal tampon cubes 32x32 mm, bladder emptying disorders


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CONTAM vaginal tampon cubes 32x32 mm, bladder emptying disorders

pack size:5 pcs Dosage form:tampon

Various degrees of prolapse of the vagina and uterus as well as bladder emptying disorders can be treated with the Contam vaginal tampon in the shape of a cube.

The flexibility or elasticity of the applied PVA foam allows easy self-treatment.

The raw material used for the Contam® vaginal cube is a toxicologically and dermatologically safe foam and has been used for incontinence tampons for decades.

Due to the sewn-in removal thread, there is hardly any contact between the thread and the mucous membrane. This prevents irritation.


CONTAM vaginal tampon cubes 32x32 mm, bladder emptying disorders:


By positioning the tampon in the vaginal area, gentle pressure is used to return the neck of the bladder to its original position. The sphincter can perform its original function again. The vaginal tampon supports the activation of the pelvic floor muscles. By using Contam®; If necessary, uterine prolapses can be reduced and thus operations can be delayed or even prevented in some cases. Contam® performs the carrier function for local positioning of healing-supporting substances (in the case of fungal infections, hormone treatments). Large sizes help restore a prolapse.

Advantages CONTAM vaginal tampon cubes 32x32 mm, bladder emptying disorders:


•pleasantly soft and supple and yet elastic
•not visible
•fits properly
• can be used several times