Contour test strips - Contour Plus stripes x 50 pieces


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  • Contour test strips. the test strips for your meter are over, be sure to have the Contour Plus straps, the economical 50 test strips for the Contour Plus glucometer.

Controlling blood sugar is very important, especially in people with elevated glucose levels and in diabetics. Contour Plus test stripes require only 0.6mcl of blood and 5 seconds to test and administer blood sugar. This is possible thanks to a biosensory measurement method that measures the current generated by the glucose reaction with the reagents on the strip electrode. Belts have been designed to eliminate the risk of confusion and determine the level of glucose in the blood as accurately as possible (this is due to innovative Multipuls technology). In addition, No Coding eliminates the risk of error caused by invalid camera encoding. In addition, if the sample is too small, there is the possibility of applying another blood sample so that no further strip is necessary.

Contour Plus strips designed as a set of test strips for the Contour Plus glucometer.

Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature.

Use as intended, as instructed in the instructions. After the test, discard the worn strip.


contour test strips.