ConvaTec STOMAHESIVE, ostomy care

ConvaTec (Germany) GmbH

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ConvaTec STOMAHESIVE, ostomy care, skin protection paste

pack size:60g Dosage form:paste

ostomy care.

STOMAHESIVE skin protection paste

Intended ConvaTec STOMAHESIVE, ostomy care purpose
of ostomy care - accessories for skin protection

Stomahesive skin protection paste is a practical and very effective paste for smoothing out uneven skin around the stoma, for securely sealing the stoma supply and for protecting the skin, especially in the case of colostomies, ileostomies and urostomies. The paste can also be used to protect exposed skin around fistulas or between the base of the stoma and the opening of the skin barrier and to even out skin imperfections.

ConvaTec STOMAHESIVE, ostomy care Use:

Apply Stomahesive Paste so that any indentations in the skin or skin irregularities are evened out. If necessary, the paste can be easily modeled with a moistened finger or a spatula to create an even contact surface.

Net ConvaTec STOMAHESIVE, ostomy care quantity:
60 pieces

Manufacturer data:
ConvaTec (Germany) GmbH