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CORNEREGEL gel Composition:

The active substance is dexpanthenol (dexpanthenol).

Medicinal substance:

1 g of eye gel contains 50 mg of dexpanthenol


Cetrimide, carbomer, disodium edetate dihydrate, sodium hydroxide and water for injections.

CORNEREGEL gel Indications:

Treatment of corneal diseases (keratopathy) of non-inflammatory origin, such as corneal dystrophy (insufficient corneal nutrition), corneal degeneration, recurrent corneal erosions (corneal injury) and corneal lesions (trauma) in contact lens wearers. Additional treatment to support the healing process in cases of corneal lesions (traumas) in conjunctival lesions, chemical burns and burns.

Complementary treatment to supplement the specific treatment of inflammatory lesions of the cornea of ​​bacterial, viral or fungal (caused by fungus) origin.

Corneregel is not suitable for the treatment of inflammatory lesions of the cornea, of bacterial, viral or fungal origin. However, it is suitable for use as an adjunct to the specific treatment of these corneal diseases.

CORNEREGEL gel Contraindications:

Do not use Corneregel if you have been told or know that you have a hypersensitivity to the medicine or to any of the other ingredients.

CORNEREGEL gel Pregnancy and lactation:

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use Cornergel unless, after careful consideration by a doctor, the potential benefits outweigh the possible risks.

Special warnings and special precautions for use:

If you wear contact lenses, you should not wear Cornergel while you are wearing your lenses, as they may become dirty and may become incompatible with the lens material.

Interactions with other medicinal products:

No specific interactions with other medicinal products are known. However, if Corenegel is used in combination with other eye drops / ointments, there should be an interval of approximately 5 minutes between applications and Corenegel should always be the last administered medicinal product.

Dosage, method of use and duration of administration:

Depending on the severity and intensity of the disorder, place 1 drop in the conjunctival sac 4 times a day, as well as at bedtime. There are no restrictions on the duration of application. Use the product until you feel subjectively improved on your complaints.

Unwanted reactions:

In isolated cases, intolerance reactions may occur. If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet.

CORNEREGEL gel Instructions for use:

Cornergel is a high viscosity eye gel to achieve a prolonged contact time of the drug panthenol with the eye, thus approving its efficacy. Cornergel is produced under sterile conditions and is subject to strict quality criteria. Therefore, be careful not to touch the tip of the tube with your fingers when using the tube and do not touch the tip of the tube to the surface of the eye. After use, put on the protective cap.


Tilt your head back and gently pull down your lower eyelid with your index finger. With your other hand, take the tube, down in a vertical position, without touching the eye, and place a drop in the conjunctival sac. Try to keep the eye open and move it so that the fluid is evenly distributed.

The new flat tube cap allows the tube to be placed in an upright position. In this way, Cornergel is always ready and easy to use. - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas