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COSMETIC KEROSENE with vitamins A + E 150ml


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  • COSMETIC KEROSENE. Cosmetic kerosene with vitamins A and E, perfectly nourishes and cares for the hair, which is needed to strengthen the natural regeneration and fast. The use of kerosene facilitates combing hair and makes them fluffy and volume.

Petroleum, DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate, Perfume, beta-carotene


The preparation is characterized by a complex composition, which owes its properties. First of all acts nourishing the hair and biostymuluje. Apparently adds to the glamor and positively affects their appearance, by strengthening the hair follicles. Use of the preparation facilitates combing hair, adds to the fluffiness and reduces their fragility. Accelerates the regeneration of hair.


It is recommended to use the product in the context of hair care, regardless of their type.

Use externally. Rub the hair for 15 minutes before their scheduled cleaning. You can also be applied to the hair after mixing 1 tbsp oil with egg yolk, and lemon (after rinse after 10-15 minutes and washed hair).