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Cough syrup, Marshmallow, mallow, Honikan

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Honikan Cough syrup 230 g

Honikan Cough syrup is a medical device used to treat both dry and wet cough. The action of the preparation is the result of a combination of honey and the innovative natural Polisedox complex from plantain, marshmallow and mallow. Honikan Cough Syrup relieves dry, tiring cough, and in the case of a wet cough, it facilitates expectoration of phlegm. It also protects the mucous membrane.

Dosage Cough syrup, Marshmallow, mallow, Honikan:

It is recommended to take 10 ml two to four times a day, using the measuring cup provided. Shake well before use.

Cough syrup, Marshmallow, mallow, Honikan Action Barrier effect:


creates a protective film that limits contact with irritating external factors.
Mucus-regulating effect: promotes hydration of phlegm, making it easier to expectorate.

Cough syrup, Marshmallow, mallow, Honikan Composition:

Acacia honey; Polisedox complex based on extracts from Plantain, Marshmallow and Mallow rich in polysaccharides (molecular weight >20,000 Dalton) >30%; Helichrysum; Grindelia; Propolis; Eucalyptus essential oils. 

ALSO CONTAINS: Water, Fructose, Lemon Juice, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavor.