CRATAEGUTT 450 mg cardiovascular tablets 50 pc

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Crataegutt ® 450 mg cardiovascular tablets

CRATAEGUTT Active ingredient: Hawthorn leaves-with-flowers dry extract.

Areas of application:
Traditional herbal medicine for use in: Support of the cardiovascular function, exclusively due to long-term use.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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Crataegutt ®
herbal help for the circulatory system

How hawthorn supports the cardiovascular system.

As we get older, the risk that the heart will weaken increases. But a decrease in pumping power is by no means normal and not inevitable even after the 60th birthday. A lack of exercise leads to shortness of breath and rapid exhaustion in old age. Those who are rarely physically active in everyday life and hardly ever really get their circulation going run the risk of "stiffer" vessels and a weaker heart: vessels become inelastic and inflexible, the heart has to work ever harder and generate more and more pressure to keep the same blood volume to pump through the veins.

You can prevent it with regular and moderate endurance training: Typical complaints such as shortness of breath, rapid fatigue or exhaustion can be noticeably reduced through increased activity. If you want to be active with all your heart, you can also get herbal help for the cycle. A healthy diet also supports the heart and circulation.

Hawthorn: targeted plant-based heart strengthening

Crataegutt ® 450 mg cardiovascular tablets contain the special hawthorn extract WS ®1442. Hawthorn has been used to strengthen the heart for decades. Hawthorn supports the pumping power of the heart and blood vessels - blood can flow more easily. As a result, the entire body is better supplied with oxygen. Physical performance increases again: everyday exertions such as climbing stairs, but also sporting activity are easier.

Hawthorn special extract WS ® 1442 supports the cardiovascular function

The high-dose hawthorn special extract WS ® 1442 in Crataegutt ®is a complex mixture of active ingredients that contains an exceptionally high proportion of oligomeric procyanidins (OPC). These are secondary plant substances that support the cardiovascular function and keep the blood vessels elastic. The special herbal extract is made from hawthorn leaves and flowers.

Crataegutt ® 450 mg cardiovascular tablets: Tips for use
• Take 1 tablet whole with liquid, twice a day, morning and evening.
• The herbal remedy for the heart and circulation is well tolerated.
• No interactions are known.
• The hawthorn special extract WS ® 1442 is suitable for long-term use.
• The preparation can easily be combined with other medications.
• A noticeable effect on the heart and circulation can be expected after about three to six weeks.